Animal & Dinosaur Parties and why they rock!

Kids are loving our Animal Themed & Dinosaur Themed parties at the moment. Whether it is a full on Jungle Explorer experience or simply a Dinosaur Enthusiast they want...we are finding both boys and girls of all ages are mad for them! Instagram Feedback from Animal Party CTP Party We started running animal inspired parties back in 1997 as we knew children of all ages loved Jungle, Farm and Pet animals but now with the New Jurassic Park trailer out we are finding Dinosaur parties are gaining momentum.
    • If your little one would love a Dinosaur explorer to come to their party and talk all about Dinosaurs and play games in the theme then let us know! We can tailor your party to your child's interests and needs and can host up to 30 kids with one entertainer (one explorer!)
      • Let our team of young and enthusiastic entertainers take the kids on a wild adventure whether it be looking for Dinosaur Secrets, playing Musical Monkey Bumps or simply pass the parcel. We can be at your party for 1 hour, 1.5hrs or even 2 hours and help you serve the food, drinks and present the Birthday Cake!
  • Interested in learning more about our Animal Parties then click here  and for our Dinosaur Explorer Parties click here.