Easy Ways to personalise your kids birthday party with extras & other party tips from CTP Party

Like most people, we here at CTP Party are bonkers over Etsy and independent party boutiques when it comes to little parties or big parties for children. Every week we receive new requests; either a new idea, theme or vision that a client has asked us to research for their child's up and coming birthday party. This can be the wild and feisty...or the subtle and amusing. We literally get asked about all sorts of different things when it comes to kids birthday parties or special events. So we have made a list of our favourites below and  I’ve also thrown in a few other bits that I couldn’t help but drool over here in the party workshop. These colourful sweetie bags are available from Sweetmafia. I found them on Pinterest. They are a great idea and really colourful and eye catching. Just be aware, there may be kids at the party who can't eat sweets due to allergies or are veggie so just take that into indication.   This piñata is so lovely! Idea for the very fashionable Unicorn parties which we seem to be hosting every weekend at the moment. A Piñata can be a great game to get all the kids working together. We include one with our Jedi Academy party where the children have to use their "Jedi mind tricks" to overcome the meteor shower piñata and pull on long strings to open it rather than hit the piñata.   We love these personalised lovehearts. As a big fan of sweets, why not have them made with a personal message.   One extra we absolutely love making up are the personal and made to order party bags (take home bags) which we offer in a variety of different materials (satin/silk and/or hessian sack) and we have loads of colours to choose from to match your Superhero, Jedi, Princess or even Mermaid theme! We pop 5 - 6 items in each one and we try and theme them as much as possible. The above are from a Fairy party we hosted last month.