Gender Neutral Parties with CTP Party

Gender Neutral Parties

CTP Party has always been happy to run rough and tumble Army Action themed parties for boys and girls, and Princess & Knight Castle parties for girls and boys. However will we be expecting more requests for ‘gender neutral’ parties in the future?
All our themes are suitable for boys and girls and we are noticing more and more parents are asking for Space Themed Parties, Dino Explorer Parties and Disco Parties for either boys or girls. We LOVE this! Gone are the days of a Princess Party being for just girls and Pirate parties being for just boys....and we are glad to see this change. We believe children should be encouraged to follow their own dreams and if they want to dress up like a toadstool one day or a dragon the next it should not matter if they are a boy or girl.

Retail Tradition & Celebrity Response is changing too

The signs are all there- Mothercare has just announced a gender neutral clothing range avoiding pink and blue; John Lewis removed gender labels from kids’ clothing & has done away with boys and girls clothing departments; and newspapers have just reported Russell Brand wants daughter Mabel to be raised ‘gender neutral’, and Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie want their daughter Shiloh, to be known as John. Times are changing for the better we think! We hope you agree.