Glitter Everything – Party Fashions for 2017

Popular trends this year

Have you noticed all the sparkles, rainbows, glitter, trolls, unicorns and magical themes running around this year!? Have you noticed parents (usually the mums) loving them just as much as children!? YES US TOO. I think I now see something “Unicorn" themed in every shop, from birthdays cards to the soft cuddly toys in retail shops, to unicorn Christmas tree baubles, yes we have seen them! …And CTP Party are extremely happy about this as it means we can go extra wild with the glitter at parties! Kids love it, and parents do too, BONUS! (Don’t worry it comes off easily in time for school!) Now obviously, the birthday parties we host have a main priority; that being that the birthday child has the BEST TIME EVER, with their friends. But if we can get the parents involved too, then smiles all-round surely!? Don’t forget in the lead up to Christmas that these themes work perfectly for that time of year as well as birthdays so make sure you type #GLITTERGALORE in your enquiries for a 10% discount if you’re party is in the BS/BA/GU/SL/PO/SO areas… We cant wait to share the glittery fun with the kids, and the parents!! *This promotion ends 31/1/2017 unless booking is made in 2017 and agreed price made with office.*