Halloween Half Term

Halloween Parties & Trick or Treat

What do you think? Are you happy to let your kids join in this spooky/scary but fun Halloween festival? These days it’s quite the norm for children as young as 2 to go out Trick or Treating in the early evening and many kids have a great time. However we’re finding lots of mums aren’t sure if the kids may be spooked at the idea of knocking on strangers’ doors in the dark.   Many parents don’t want their kids coming back with nightmares or buckets of sugary ‘candy’; and increasingly we hear of lots of families saying they don’t know how the old couple next door will respond to a herd of kids at their front door demanding treats.
Here at CTP Party we love a bit of Spooky Fun but would recommend if you are letting your kids Trick or Treat this Halloween, you accompany them, and maybe do a pre-check of houses in the area who are happy to join in the fun and limit the amount of candy handed out.
CTP Party can help too as we regularly get asked to supply a Wacky Witch to Trick or Treat with the kids, or alternatively if you want to make Halloween a ‘Fun Festival’ why not organise a mini party with age appropriate spooky games and fun hosted by Wacky or our Wizard characters. Call us on 01252 471070 for Halloween Parties or Visits in the Hampshire, Surrey, Bristol, Bath, Reading & Berkshire areas.