Kids are teaching the Bristol Team a thing or 2!

Eat, Sleep, Learn, Party!

Recently, the Bristol team have been hosting lots of Dinosaur, Space, and Stars Wars parties. What have we learnt?
These kids know their stuff! Its pretty astonishing, the facts they come out with!
A lot of our entertainers host lots of different parties and we are able to theme our games to your chosen theme to suit the level of the group – because they are great with children. We’ve been doing it for 23 years, so we know it works. When we know a specific entertainer likes Star Wars, Disney Princesses or Dinosaurs for example, we will most likely put them to host that party because of their knowledge, which in turn, makes it a better party. See what we did there....
However, what we have discovered is that even the entertainers who have a particular interest in the film/character will learn stuff throughout the parties! Because kids are like information sponges! I mean, did you know that there are talks over T-Rex not actually being a Carnivore anymore, and that he might have been more of a scavenger? NO, nor did I, until 6year old Luke from Backwell in Bristol told me! Annnnnnnd did you know that Pluto is actually known as a “Dwarf" Planet? NO, nor did I until 5year old Jenny from Henleaze told Andy the Astronaut!
It just goes to show, that even when we know our stuff, someone else, even the 3,4,5,6year old down the road, might know a little bit more and we can learn from them. Let our kids teach other kids interesting facts through the art of play.
Here’s to choosing a party with the theme you love!