Great Feedback from clients this month!

Kids Parties with CTP Party

We really enjoy fact, we find that we are quite obsessed with the buzz that hosting a party brings to our team! The feeling of all the kids being happy, the parents being delighted that the party went well and all the children's faces full with smiles.
Most of our team have been with us a long time, we retain our party hosts for months, sometimes even years and they continue to amaze our team in the office on a weekly basis.
This month we have received so many lovely photos, emails and even phone calls from clients saying how happy they are they went with CTP Party. One mum who was let down by another company actually believed it was fate that she got let it meant she found us and had the best party possible! With all the lovely feedback, we do occasionally get to see some photos and here are some of the ones which have been sent in to our office from parents and clients who have had parties in March! We hope you enjoy them....
If you would like to have a great birthday party with little stress and with a team who have a vast experience in entertainment (21 years and counting...!) then please do get in touch. However small, large or strange you think your child's party request may be...we have really heard it all and we are sure CTP Party can help!
We offer children's parties and kids events in the Surrey, Berkshire, Bath, Bristol, Oxfordshire, Reading and Hampshire areas however we do travel within reason so please get in touch regarding your next party.

Space Party

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Kids are teaching the Bristol Team a thing or 2!

Eat, Sleep, Learn, Party!

Recently, the Bristol team have been hosting lots of Dinosaur, Space, and Stars Wars parties. What have we learnt?
These kids know their stuff! Its pretty astonishing, the facts they come out with!
A lot of our entertainers host lots of different parties and we are able to theme our games to your chosen theme to suit the level of the group – because they are great with children. We’ve been doing it for 23 years, so we know it works. When we know a specific entertainer likes Star Wars, Disney Princesses or Dinosaurs for example, we will most likely put them to host that party because of their knowledge, which in turn, makes it a better party. See what we did there....
However, what we have discovered is that even the entertainers who have a particular interest in the film/character will learn stuff throughout the parties! Because kids are like information sponges! I mean, did you know that there are talks over T-Rex not actually being a Carnivore anymore, and that he might have been more of a scavenger? NO, nor did I, until 6year old Luke from Backwell in Bristol told me! Annnnnnnd did you know that Pluto is actually known as a “Dwarf" Planet? NO, nor did I until 5year old Jenny from Henleaze told Andy the Astronaut!
It just goes to show, that even when we know our stuff, someone else, even the 3,4,5,6year old down the road, might know a little bit more and we can learn from them. Let our kids teach other kids interesting facts through the art of play.
Here’s to choosing a party with the theme you love!

Animal & Dinosaur Parties and why they rock!

Kids are loving our Animal Themed & Dinosaur Themed parties at the moment. Whether it is a full on Jungle Explorer experience or simply a Dinosaur Enthusiast they want...we are finding both boys and girls of all ages are mad for them! Instagram Feedback from Animal Party CTP Party We started running animal inspired parties back in 1997 as we knew children of all ages loved Jungle, Farm and Pet animals but now with the New Jurassic Park trailer out we are finding Dinosaur parties are gaining momentum.
    • If your little one would love a Dinosaur explorer to come to their party and talk all about Dinosaurs and play games in the theme then let us know! We can tailor your party to your child's interests and needs and can host up to 30 kids with one entertainer (one explorer!)
      • Let our team of young and enthusiastic entertainers take the kids on a wild adventure whether it be looking for Dinosaur Secrets, playing Musical Monkey Bumps or simply pass the parcel. We can be at your party for 1 hour, 1.5hrs or even 2 hours and help you serve the food, drinks and present the Birthday Cake!
  • Interested in learning more about our Animal Parties then click here  and for our Dinosaur Explorer Parties click here. 

Glitter Everything – Party Fashions for 2017

Popular trends this year

Have you noticed all the sparkles, rainbows, glitter, trolls, unicorns and magical themes running around this year!? Have you noticed parents (usually the mums) loving them just as much as children!? YES US TOO. I think I now see something “Unicorn" themed in every shop, from birthdays cards to the soft cuddly toys in retail shops, to unicorn Christmas tree baubles, yes we have seen them! …And CTP Party are extremely happy about this as it means we can go extra wild with the glitter at parties! Kids love it, and parents do too, BONUS! (Don’t worry it comes off easily in time for school!) Now obviously, the birthday parties we host have a main priority; that being that the birthday child has the BEST TIME EVER, with their friends. But if we can get the parents involved too, then smiles all-round surely!? Don’t forget in the lead up to Christmas that these themes work perfectly for that time of year as well as birthdays so make sure you type #GLITTERGALORE in your enquiries for a 10% discount if you’re party is in the BS/BA/GU/SL/PO/SO areas… We cant wait to share the glittery fun with the kids, and the parents!! *This promotion ends 31/1/2017 unless booking is made in 2017 and agreed price made with office.*

Halloween Half Term

Halloween Parties & Trick or Treat

What do you think? Are you happy to let your kids join in this spooky/scary but fun Halloween festival? These days it’s quite the norm for children as young as 2 to go out Trick or Treating in the early evening and many kids have a great time. However we’re finding lots of mums aren’t sure if the kids may be spooked at the idea of knocking on strangers’ doors in the dark.   Many parents don’t want their kids coming back with nightmares or buckets of sugary ‘candy’; and increasingly we hear of lots of families saying they don’t know how the old couple next door will respond to a herd of kids at their front door demanding treats.
Here at CTP Party we love a bit of Spooky Fun but would recommend if you are letting your kids Trick or Treat this Halloween, you accompany them, and maybe do a pre-check of houses in the area who are happy to join in the fun and limit the amount of candy handed out.
CTP Party can help too as we regularly get asked to supply a Wacky Witch to Trick or Treat with the kids, or alternatively if you want to make Halloween a ‘Fun Festival’ why not organise a mini party with age appropriate spooky games and fun hosted by Wacky or our Wizard characters. Call us on 01252 471070 for Halloween Parties or Visits in the Hampshire, Surrey, Bristol, Bath, Reading & Berkshire areas.

Gender Neutral Parties with CTP Party

Gender Neutral Parties

CTP Party has always been happy to run rough and tumble Army Action themed parties for boys and girls, and Princess & Knight Castle parties for girls and boys. However will we be expecting more requests for ‘gender neutral’ parties in the future?
All our themes are suitable for boys and girls and we are noticing more and more parents are asking for Space Themed Parties, Dino Explorer Parties and Disco Parties for either boys or girls. We LOVE this! Gone are the days of a Princess Party being for just girls and Pirate parties being for just boys....and we are glad to see this change. We believe children should be encouraged to follow their own dreams and if they want to dress up like a toadstool one day or a dragon the next it should not matter if they are a boy or girl.

Retail Tradition & Celebrity Response is changing too

The signs are all there- Mothercare has just announced a gender neutral clothing range avoiding pink and blue; John Lewis removed gender labels from kids’ clothing & has done away with boys and girls clothing departments; and newspapers have just reported Russell Brand wants daughter Mabel to be raised ‘gender neutral’, and Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie want their daughter Shiloh, to be known as John. Times are changing for the better we think! We hope you agree.

National Play in Hospital Week - CTP Party

Did you know that this week was National Play in Hospital Week. The idea of the week is to celebrate the Play & Youth service in all its glory. CTP Party went along to a very large Children's Hospital in Southampton to support the play team. The play team are a small, self funded group covering every ward from Cancer care to Cardiac and Neurological rehab. They have over 100 children as patients at any one time. The week is a way of giving back to the children and young people who find themselves using the hospital services. They are the real hero's!   The team from the NHS contacted us to see if we could send in some Superheroes to spread a little cheer to the inpatients which we were more than happy to do. The children, who varied in ages loved the superheroes and even declared that they wanted to be one when they grew up! The team also had their very own Superhero Dogs who assisted with entertaining the kids.  Archie & Leo are 2 very special dogs who are regular visitors to the wards so knew their way around! We hope all the children, their families, doctors and nurses we met this week had a great time and hopefully we inspired some of the children. Thanks to Southampton Hospital for letting us come along!  

The Big Feastival 2017 – CTP Party

Wow......!!! What a month August was. The weather for the most part was great and the month ended on a beautifully hot Bank Holiday weekend where the CTP Party team were entertaining kids and families at The Big Feastival. What is The Big Feastival?'s a UK festival which is all about great food and great music and when we say great food...we mean the best food which takes inspiration from all over and is so far from the normal festival food you see at every other festival! It certainly kept our team fuelled to take on the long, hot 3 days in the sun entertaining all the mini festival goers! The whole ethos behind the festival is Great Food, Great Music = Great Time and that's exactly what our team had and here are some pictures to prove it! The CTP Party team hosted the Family Sports Day area where the kids were kept busy with Hopscotch, Tug of War, Sack Races, Big Feet Races and more. Ever child who took part in the activities won a medal and made sure they all felt like winners! Parents also got involved in the games and fun and joined a massive game of Tug of War on the last day! We love going to Alex James's farm every year in Oxfordshire and we can't wait to be back there next year! We also had the pleasure of hosting kids and their families at The Vita Coco area at The Big Feastival called Coconut Grove. Vita Coco had so many activities going on to keep all ages happy and hydrated in the sun. The kids activities included; T-Shirt Painting, Sandcastle building competitions, Hula Hooping, Tug of War team games and climbing coconut trees. The area was so popular that they even had queues to climb the coconut trees before the Coconut Grove opened every morning! Our team helped host the kids during their time at Coconut Grove and came back the biggest fans of Vita Coco as they were kept hydrated the whole weekend! If you have little ones and have not yet heard of The Big Feastival we would 100% recommend it. The festival is great fun and very safe for all ages. There are so many activities aimed at the mini festival goer and the music and food is just the icing on the cake! See you there in 2018!    

Nursery & School Leavers Kids Parties

Soon enough all those little ones you’ve watched grow up,  will be finished with nursery! All grown up and ready for a Summer off in preparation for school time! Big step for little humans that’s for sure.
Nurseries and pre-schools have started taking this step seriously, and so they should! We’ve noticed nurseries and pre-schools are celebrating their journey with a graduation party! Now these can be themed as anything, from Hawaiian Summer party with Pocahontas or Moana, Under the Sea party with Ariel or Misty the Mermaid, Unicorns and Glitter party with Fluttershy or Rainbow Dash! I mean, usually its an excuse party for the parents, involving a summer BBQ and maybe a few Vinos in the sunshine – whats not to love.
But don’t forget, it's about the kids! We are reaching out to all establishments who are looking to say a big thank you to the parents and children who have been with you for the passed few years. Let us throw you a great party in the safety of your garden, or biggest room, with bubbles, glitter, games, sweets and prizes! Sift through our themes and see which is going to suit the class of 2017!

Moana Hawaiian Party

Moana is a HUGE hit this summer and kids love the summer theme. The Moana-themed party is all about creating a mini luau event. We have had feedback from parents that kids (both boys and girls) loved putting a grass skirt on, a flower leis on and dancing to their favourite music. We play the hawaiian limbo, musical luau bumps and lots more. If your interested in your child's next party being a Moana themed party or even just with a Hawaiian twist then get in touch with someone from our team. We can offer Moana as a children's entertainer for your themed party in Surrey, Hampshire, Berkshire, Bristol Bath and most south west areas.