Magical Trolls & Unicorns FREE Easter Party, Ascot

Every year we try to run as many FREE kids events whether they be charity events, social events or just an excuse to hold a party and have some fun! Magical Trolls & Unicorn Party with CTP Party Last year following the amazing Survival Party we hosted in Fleet and the Mermaid & Pirate Party we hosted in Odiham, we are hosting a new themed party in Ascot, Sunninghill. The theme is Magical Trolls & Unicorns and is aimed at 3 - 8 year old boys & girls! Parents and carers are welcome to come and watch and bring older/younger siblings however we ask that you remember spaces are limited so please RSVP! All prizes, games and activities will be aimed at 3 - 8 year olds and it is FREE to attend so please feel welcome to come along and bring a friend! We do film and take photos at these events for our websites so please be aware by attending you are automatically giving permission of being filmed and your children being filmed. We give away prizes to all the children who come and we often have tea or coffee ready for busy parents/carers so they can sit back and enjoy the party! We normally give out a FREE Party to the best dressed (so please get the kids to dress up) in the theme! We look forward to seeing you there!

Space Parties…why they are taking over the atmosphere?

Here at CTP Party, we love the fact that although Space has always been a popular theme for parties this year Space Themed Parties seems to have literally....Taken Off!!

Space Parties are pretty cool and here is why...whether a child is 3, 8 or 10 years old, they know that when they look up at night there are stars out there and planets and what's even more inviting to them is that one day...they may just get to go up there and take a look for themselves!

This idea of being able to walk on the moon or fly between the stars is fascinating and whether it is due to a lot of Space Films coming out over the past few years we support kids getting into SPACE!

The best Space Parties: 

We had a client from last weekend tell us that her son was very into Space, Planets, name it! We planned the party accordingly and sent along one of our team as a Space Hero and the kids loved every second of it!

Here is what she had to say about her party in Liss, Hampshire.

"Dear CTP!
Thank you so much for making my son have a fantastic 5th space party! Everybody really enjoyed themselves.
A huge thank you to Susie. I'm very sorry if I forgot to thank her on Saturday, but we had 23 very hungry children demanding food to deal with.
Thanks again!" Mrs Sutherland, Space Party, March 2017
You dont have to be from another planet to know 23 hungry 5 year olds are hard to cope with so we are very glad that the kids had a great time! If you were at the party in Liss in Hampshire then let us know. We would love to hear from you!

So what if your child wants a Space Party this year: 

Here is our Space Party Leaflet! Prices shown are for the local areas so please ask for a price for your area when enquiring. For more info, head to our Space Parties page on our website. We cover the Hampshire, Surrey, Bucks, Berkshire, Wiltshire & Bristol Areas and we if you are unsure if we cover your area just let us know!
Space Parties for Kids CTP Party

Spiderman Superhero Parties…and why we love them

Superhero Parties

We have always been massive fans of Superheroes here at CTP! Whether it is the Marvel/Disney kind or just kids being "Super" for the day and having extra powers...we think that every child and adult at one point in their life has imagined they are a superhero flying across the sky on a mission. What we are seeing especially towards the end of 2016 and now into 2017 is that girls too are getting superhero obsessed. Before, when we hosted a Superhero Party a lot of the girls would come as Princesses and there is nothing wrong with that...everyone loves a Superhero & Superhero Princess Party however to see so many little girls as Superheroes at one party made our day! We run Superhero Parties for children ages 3 and up.We can host them as a male/female or duo (as seen in the pictures) we can run parties for up to 30 kids with 1 entertainer. We include all the games, activities, prizes, certificates and a birthday gift for the birthday child. A lovely client of ours from Oxford who recently had a party with us (February 2017) sent in some photos along with some feedback of her party and we thought we would share it. Thanks to Hannah and the team who run the CTP Party Berkshire office for sending these through.

"Im sad it's all over!! Many thanks again for making a little boy dream come true!"

Spiderman Cake Boys Birthday Party Superhero Party Catwoman Superher Party for boys & girls Superhero Party CTP Party 3 Spiderman CTP Party

Siblings at a party!

Siblings at a party
We have come to the conclusion there are 3 types of sibling at a birthday party;
1 – The Helper. This child wants to help as much as possible, whether its showing the children dance moves, or helping serve the sweeties, hand out prizes and stickers, they really help the entertainer or their sibling in any of the games we play.
2 – The Wisher. This child wishes it was their party (this was me!) they cannot let their bro or sis have all the attention and will do all they can to be involved or first to answer every question the entertainer asks!Or steal the lime light with their super cute dance moves!
3 – The Over the Topper. This child is undecided as to which category they fall in, they are in their own little limbo, because although they wish it was their birthday they also want to help – which means the combo of both is toooooo much, and they practically explode with a cross of confusion and excitement! “Helping” open presents, being a prime example.
So, if your little birthday king or queen, has a brother or sister, or more! Which category might they fall into?
We encourage little brothers/sister or older "helpers' to get involved but remember little ones can crawl into the path of 30 speedy 5 year olds and be a danger to everyone in the room including themselves! We recommend a maximum of 25 - 30 kids for 1 entertainer so if your invite includes all the siblings just bear this in mind and maybe get a helper along to look after the little ones!

CTP Party reflect on January 2017 & Look at the new trends Unicorns & Trolls

We cannot believe its 2017....and now we are in February...already! Where is the time going? January happened to be one of our busiest months for booking parties. Believe it or not after the long break at Christmas we get straight back into party mode and the phone constantly rings for last minute parties and party bookings up to April! Parents panic that they have missed the boat and unfortunately some do but we try and fit everyone in. Reflecting on January 2017 for us in terms of parties is hard to do as it just goes by in a flash. We book on average 20 parties a week (with the busiest week being 31) and parents ask us what is the next big thing going to be? What can we do that is different to everyone else at School or NCT club. Well.....we know its crazy but we think 2017 is  all about TROLLS & UNICORNS! We have had a few parents ring us for a Troll Princess party, a Unicorn Disco and even a Mermaid/Unicorn/Puppy Craft party. We are just delighted as we love a new theme and we know that although we have to source new costumes, new party material and make up a whole new programme that the best thing is the kids faces at the party as it is something they have never seen or even dreamed of. Our team are excited to do something new and they love a challenge so next time your little one asks for a random theme which isn't quite what you thought they would want just ask us and I am sure we will be able to accommodate and for all those trolls and Unicorn obsessed kids....we have something that might be right up your street! To book your children's birthday party just call us on 01252 471070 or get in touch on [email protected] . We have offices in Fleet, Bristol, Windsor & Reading so will be happy to hear from you if you are local to one of these areas and if your not local, give us a call and we might be able to travel to you! All our team are trained by us and are passionate about parties! They are all young drama students or even business students with a keen eye for creativity and acting! They love being centre of attention and are adored by kids! We specialise in children's parties aged from 3 - 8 years old however we have run parties for kids of up to 12 years before! We have loads of themes available for your Kids Birthday Parties including but not limited to; Princess, Fairy, Pirate, Mermaid, Disco, Craft, Superhero and many more but we love to think outside the box so any challenges...send them our way! Unicorn Birthday Party  

The Feeder Birthday Party Mums…..We LOVE you!

Cake Birthday
As an entertainer, you meet lots of different people, and you do quite often get a small insight as to what their family life is like....which is quite nice really. The children at the parties we host are all very lucky, they always seem to have lots of friends there, a big decorated room and a huge pile of presents waiting for them to open ….and in these lovely parties, there is always a common denominator.....FOOD!

Food at a Party!

Now obviously all mums, dads and carers are different – however there is one type of mum that us entertainers (usually) LOVE, and that, is the FEEDER MUM! The mum that will not let you leave until they have seen you eat a plate of party food, or have a drink, or even wrapped up a piece of birthday cake for your journey home. I was once give a huge carton of apple juice, 5 macaroons and the biggest slice of cake I had ever seen. And, I thoroughly enjoyed it.
We salute you feeder mums, as you make our day even better than it already was!
Thank you!

CTP Party visit Disneyland Paris in search of some magic

Hannah CTP Party at Disneyland
Once upon a time there was a girl so in love with Disney that she decided to take her  family to Disneyland Paris for Christmas where dreams really do come true. She knew everything there was to know about the Disney characters...and so she should, she dresses up as these spectacular characters for a living. What she didn't know is she would be blown away by the magic! This Disney obsessed girl put on her Minnie Mouse ears, placed a lion king hat on her sons head and walked hand in hand with her son and fiance down Disney main street. They watched Elsa and Ana in their carriage, singing whilst it snowed and she even had a little sing a long....I mean she new every single word because in her eyes she is the real Elsa of the UK. With her son on her partners shoulders they watched Cinderella's castle light up with fireworks, lights and more magic before the clock struck twelve. A tear of happiness rolled down her cheek as she watched her 19 month old boys eyes light up and a smile appear on his face. Could life get any better then this moment right here.....? After 3 nights of fulfilling her Disney obsession the little family of 3 jumped on the eurostar  back home. As she looked out the window waving at the lit up castle she thought to herself "time to take this bit of magic back home to the birthday boys and girls of the UK". Until next time Disneyland Paris...for now I will spread the Disney magic everywhere I go!
That was a little story from one of our Franchise owners who looks after the Reading & Berkshire area. The above picture shows them meeting her hero...Mickey Mouse!

Bristol CTP Party Team offering 10% Off all Kids Parties!

Don't leave it until the last minute Bristol Parents!
Christmas is a time for family, fun and of course, food! But don’t forget about all those December and January babies (me being one of them) who year, after year have their birthdays put to one side! I’m not necessarily accusing every parent of doing this, but you know who you are, and…
…to be honest, its understandable, there is so much excitement and expenditure (maybe more of one than the other sometimes), that when you know something is going to cost you more money it's often left until the last minute. Or at least until payday arises, this  is when there is a sudden search for last minute birthday activities.
CTP Bristol are offering 10% discount to all parties booked from now until the end of January, so please do get enquiring and spread the word so our Winter babies can have just as much Princess, Pirate, Superhero, Star Wars fun as everybody else…
IMG_2802IMG_3130Your photo 19Jedi 2 Party BristolSuperhero Party 2Ana Party
The Bristol Team of Kids party entertainer offer great birthday parties and event specialists all around the Wiltshire, Bristol, Bath, Cardiff and Gloucestershire areas. So if your kids party takes place over December or January in the New Year then get in touch with [email protected]
To redeem your discount, please use the code: WINTERBIRTHDAY

In a world full of Princesses…dare to be Batman!

Mallory, our Bristol Manager loves hosting parties...she loves it so much that she ends up doing a lot of the parties...even the boys parties and she has been delighted over the past few months at the amount of girls having Superhero or Jedi Parties...Gone are the years of girls having a Princess party and boys having an action party! We caught up with Mall on a recent experience she had:
"I recently hosted a party in Westbury on Trym, Bristol, and I couldn’t tell you how refreshing it was being Supergirl for a girl’s party. Pheobe, who had recently turned 7 was of course the ultimate Supergirl herself, but as her guests kept arriving we eventually found ourselves about 20 little Supergirls, along with quite a few other Superheroes in tow…
I have a feeling that all the Dad’s at this party felt a little outnumbered and were surprised at the power and grit these little Superheroes really had! I mean, they were showing some serious sass! And so they should!
Quite often, as a company, we send along female Superheroes, such as Wonderwoman, Catwoman and Supergirl to boys parties. Mainly because in past experience we’ve found it works well. The little girls love her because the entertainer is a girl and the little boys love her because she is a Superhero – its a win win situation, with noone feeling left out.
This party reminded me that actually, Superhero parties aren't just for boys and that “in a world full of Princesses, dare to be Batman” is the way forward if we want to make sure our children believe they are as strong and equal as each other growing up in this world."

Jedi Academy…still one of the best parties around!

What is a Jedi Academy we hear you say? is a 2 Hour Event party which involves the kids training to become Jedi's and in turn learning to handle a Training Light Sabre Balloon (provided by us), battling the Meteor Shower Piñata (provided by us) and challenging each other to team games where Stormtroopers and Jedi Knights will meet and decide who is the strongest team....all in all the Jedi Academy is the best Star Wars Themed Party in all the land and we know this because it is so popular! We have delivered 100's of Jedi Academies over the years and still to this day enjoy each one! We have had mini Yoda's take part, grandmas dressed as Princess Leia and even fathers or big brothers dressed as Darth Vader just to involve the whole family! You can rent costumes for yourself or family friends from £15 each and we have plenty to choose from. Our remote control R2D2 (£15 rental) is an amazing special which kids seem to love chasing around and our Star Wars Booty Sacks (£4.99 per child) which are made up specifically for your party can be added on as extras if you want an all out "Jedi Experience"!
IMG_3092IMG_3116IMG_3136IMG_3139IMG_3144IMG_3161IMG_3162IMG_3166IMG_2867Star Wars 2Star WarsJedi SelfieJedi 2 Party BristolJedi KnightStar Wars Paert
The Academy itself is 2 Hours with a break half way through for food. If you think your little Jedi's in the making are too young for 2 hours then we would normally suggest we send a Themed Jedi along just for 1 hour or 1.5hrs instead which will then allow you to feed them after we have gone (ask the team for more details about those options.) Included in the Jedi Academy Package is: Your entertainers time and travel, music (themed of course), games and activities to keep everyone busy for the full party, prizes for all the kids, a pass the parcel with themed gift inside, sweeties, stickers, party certificates and a Birthday gift for the birthday child. We also include Light Sabre Balloons for each child (up to 30 children with 1 entertainer) and a Meteor Shower Piñata in the Jedi Academy so lots of equipment for the kids to be engaged with! For more information, check out our Jedi Page!