Summer…what Summer?

We haven't really had a Summer in the UK yet so there haven't really been any Summer Kids Parties set up for the outdoors however we have our fingers and toes crossed here at CTP Party that we can finally start hosting some party games outdoors soon! We are hoping for a hot August and to celebrate our Bristol Team are offering a special 10% discount off any party booked for during August 2016. Check out our new Exposure post about Summer Parties and some insider knowledge of Summer Parties from our Bristol Manager, Mallory! Whether it is a Princess, Superhero, Fairy or Ninja party you are after we have you covered and we can host the party in your garden or indoors..its up to you (and the weather!)   Cinderella Princess Party    

Summer Parties…What Themes suit the outdoors?

Please check out our new blog post on the CTP Party Exposure Page for more information on what parties we think will be HOT this Summer! Not everyone has acres of land or a swimming pool on site to host their summer kids party and we are fully aware that the UK has some of the most unreliable weather forecasts out there! Any party or event for your child is difficult to organise but one in the summer is especially hard…loads of things to think about “Do we host it outside/inside, do we ask Granny if we can use their garden as it is bigger than ours..? Should we run a football party for our son..but will any kids not like football? The list could go on. Summer themes which we think will be really popular for 2016 are; Lego (ideal for team building, kids starting a new school in September) and something a little different to your average Superhero/Princess party. Ideal to mix with Lego Ninjago/Lego Star Wars etc. “EVERYTHING will really be Awesome” Survival/Action Themed Parties - Obstacle Courses, camouflage paint and hiding behind trees…what more can kids ask for? Olympics Fun - With Rio around the corner we find clients just love an Olympic Family Party with different Olympic Themed Party games for all the kids to join in with! Football - Kids love specific sporty themed parties. CTP Party get asked a lot for Football Themed Parties with a mix of Football tricks and a little game at the end! Of course there are many more but the above are just a few which we know clients and kids love. Why don’t you try something different this summer for your little one…

What is the Latest Party Trend? We ask the kids and they say…. Survival

We asked a group of party parents and kids - what's the latest party trend for the summer?   It's The Survival Party!!! This theme is great for active kids who enjoy the big outdoors and who want something a bit different to the norm! Loads of crazy activities and action for kids who have loads of energy.  We find that both boys and girls love this theme. Our Party Host take the kids through a range of challenges to suit the age and number of kids.  There's a huge range of activities to choose from;  Making a Base,  Tug of War,  Trekking,  Disguise,  Animal Tracks,  Team Games,  Observation Games... Plus your party host will be happy to incorporate any unusual requests your budding survivalist might have! Survival party suits boys and girls! 12936569_10154056666668523_8271548181756345911_n 12936730_10156854941370245_6006445828869703418_n 12963901_10156753980945111_5630424083134190182_n Our Party Host will arrive dressed the part, however if you want to be really different then one of our Super Heroes or Animal Characters can host the party! To see our team in action -Check out our Survival Party or simply watch here.

Contact us to arrange the Latest Party Trend kid's party!

You can contact one of our party experts by calling the relevant area numbers above, or you can email or Chat - we're happy to hear from you.  Whether you know exactly what you want or if you would like us to make suggestions we can plan the perfect Survival Party based on the ages, number of kids, mix of children and the venue.  Once you are happy with our suggestions, let us know and we will put your booking in our diary and then you can sit back and SURVIVE the party!

Its a Pirates Life for me!

Check out CTP Party's new write up on Exposure for more on our Mermaid Party Options It's a Pirates Life for me  We love Mermaid & Pirate parties and now you can see why! We have loads of different characters who can host your party for you including Pirate Pat, Misty the Mermaid,  Pirate Pete or Polly Pirate Princess. Appearances from a Mermaid or Pirate start at just £60 and Event Parties which include costumes start at £230 depending on your venue location!

Why A Pirate & Mermaid Party Theme:

We often get asked by clients what is a good theme for both boys and girls…there are the obvious themes including: Princess & Superheroes or Disco Parties but more often than not children are looking for something a little different. We recently have started hosting a lot more Under The Sea Themed Parties and Mermaid Parties. We have Pirates, Mermaids & Pirate Princesses who are all very popular characters with children aged from 3 - 9 years old. Our team play traditional themed games such as Mermaid Secrets, The Pirates Treasure Hunt and Musical Mermaid Bumps along with some role-play! A Pirate or Mermaid party is a great way of having fun! Boys, Girls and parents seem to love the theme. Ideal Pirate party games include Walk The Plank, A Treasure Hunt, Tug of War and Sleeping Sharks! Prizes can be anything from medals to a collection of gold coins! Our Party Hosts enjoy dressing up as Pirates too! Pirate Party Check out more on our Exposure Page It's a Pirates Life for me

Survival Party – FREE KIDS PARTY in Fleet, Hampshire 7th April

Ever wondered what we do? Well come and find out at one of our FREE holiday parties! We host parties in the local area for parents which are free to attend and aimed at kids aged 3 - 8 years old. Parents are asked to stay the whole time with their children and watch as our team entertain with challenges, games and activities. The party is aimed at 3 year olds and over but we welcome little siblings of course! We photograph and video these parties for our website and marketing materials so all party participants give consent to be included by attending. The guest list is limited so to get your children's names on the list then please RSVP!Survival Party 7th April 2016

Meet our Bristol CTP Party Franchisee

Meet a CTP Party Franchise Owner - Mallory

Bristol CTP Party Owner

Hi there, my name is Mallory and who knew I had a passion for entertaining kids! I certainly didn’t. Ive always worked with fun people, but generally have been within the events industry or behind a desk planning such events. It wasn’t until I realised I had little progression to make where I was that I decided to see what CTP was all about and try become my own boss! I trained as an entertainer and got the ground work under my belt, spent a few days with other franchisee’s and of course discussed the whole thing with Sophie as a franchisor.
I have built my business up alongside a full time job, then reducing it to part time and now making CTP full time. There is lots of progress to go and I’m currently working lots of weekends, but I’m loving every second and the fact I get to build my own little empire in a city I love, doing such a fun, rewarding job I wouldn’t ever want to look back at going behind a desk!

Win A Children’s Themed Party in Bristol with CTP Party

Do you have a children's party, celebration or event to plan in 2016?               ctp-party-1450444925-large-article-0   Heart Bristol & Somerset have got a fantastic themed children's party to be won with CTP Party Bristol, with fun and games with your favourite characters from Princesses to Superheroes! To enter the competition go onto the Heart CTP competition page and answer the question at the bottom of the page! Good Luck!

CTP Party celebrate 21st Birthday!

CTP Party (Children's Themed Parties) are celebrating their 21st Birthday today. 21 years ago, Pirate Pete (our first ever character) went to the first Children's Themed Party in Haywood Drive in Fleet, Hampshire on 20th November, 1994. Stuart celebrated his 5th Birthday Party with a Pirate Theme and he and his friends had a great time. The client sent a lovely letter of thanks with a 'YoHoHo' at the end. CTP Party 21 Years   Above is a news clipping from our first appearance in the local Fleet News with our Fairy and Pirate entertainers and a few party guests! Watch out for celebration news to follow whilst we look forward to another 21 years!

Meet a CTP Party Franchisee

Meet a CTP Party Franchise Owner - Hannah

Hannah CTP Party Franchise OwnerHannah owns and runs the CTP Party RG Franchise. She has been with CTP for just over 5 years - starting as a party host and then working in the office as well. Just over 2 years ago she took over the RG post code Franchise Area and Hannah's now become our first Boss with Baby (having recently returned from Maternity Leave in October 2015)! Little Lionel is now 6 months and Hannah's having a great time running her very successful area at the same time as being Supermum! You may recognise Hannah as she has been entertained at more then 400 parties and still goes out and about some weekends today! She joins in with all our Charity Events and takes pride in all her team who work with CTP Party RG in the Bracknell, Hook, Reading and Basingstoke Areas.