5 Halloween Party Games & Ideas from CTP Party

Halloween is a great time of year. We believe this because it is a good way of getting kids away from the TV screens or gaming and out and about socialising with other kids and local people! We embrace Halloween and we think you should too. So here are some tips for games which you can run at home with your kids on Halloween to get them away from their screens and having fun the old fashioned way....it has got to beat going door to door and getting screamed at by your neighbours! Halloween Party
    1 Pumpkin Carving - Kids love it and supermarkets stock pumpkins from £1 or less. It takes about an hour and you can make it a little competition between your little ones. 2 The Mummy Wrap - Get loads of cheap toilet roll (yes toilet roll) and in groups of 3 or 4 appoint 1 person to stand up straight and very still while the others in their group wrap them up with toilet roll until they look like a Mummy. You can make eye gaps and a mouth opening to ensure your Mummy can still breath and see! 3 Apple Bobbing - Still a favourite for kids and really tough! Kids love to see their parents or guardians trying this one so don't be afraid to show them how it is done! 4 The Blind Taste Test - prepare 3 - 5 bowls or plates of liquids and/or solids which on touch or taste alone could be something else. i.e. Ketchup could be blood of a demon, picked onions could be eyeballs, rice could be maggots, raisins could be rats droppings! Use a blindfold or piece of material to stop the taster from seeing what they are eating and make sure you build up the suspense by saying how disgusting everything looks and smells! The winner is the person who can taste all of the items and doesn't have to spit anything out! 5 Bubble Bubble Boil & Trouble: Put a saucepan on the table (cold and not heated) and ask the kids to add 3 magic ingredients each from the kitchen which when you add Water to will create the ultimate potion! Add some food colouring and some vinegar to ensure it looks vile and smells it! Dare the children to try it (obviously if any of the kids have any allergies do not include these items)
So there you have it. From all of us at CTP Party you should enjoy Halloween and try at least one of the activities out above to get your family in the mood for Halloween! Have a great weekend and if you do get children come to your door just remember if you don't want to take part you do not have to open the front door but on the other side might be some kids that have put in lots of effort to look as spooky as possible!

Who is ready for the new Jurassic World Movie!!

Now....if you are in your twenties or thirties Jurassic Park will always hold a place in your heart! As most of our Party Entertainers & Hosts are in their twenties they are all really excited for the new release on Thursday 11th June 2015! Here in the CTP Party HQ we are not only getting asked for more Dinosaur Themed Parties with our Dino Explorer Danny and Dino Lego Parties but we also can not avoid Dinosaurs which seem to be popping up everywhere...even at London Waterloo. Dinosaur Themed Party for Kids One of our team were in London for a meeting this morning and spotted these friendly beasts! We hope everyone manages to get tickets, no doubt the local cinemas will be full to the brim this weekend! The film has been given a 12A in the UK so for some little ones they will have to hear the stories from their parents & older siblings...we know we can not wait! To look at our Dinosaur Explorer Themed Parties click here. 

Amazing Ideas for your little ones!

The internet is an amazing place to find inspiration for your next kids party! Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and party forums are all great ways of coming up with a simple idea which is unique and different! We love this original idea which would be fairly cheap and easy to prepare and would be something really cool to do with all those left over boxes which you can often find outside Supermarkets! So if your kids party is coming up why not host a DRIVE THROUGH PARTY where each child has their own cardboard car which could be decorated either at your party as the party activity or before the kids arrive at their own houses! Kids and parents could take inspiration from any television or movie character/theme. This photo was taken from 98.1 CHFI radio station and is not one of our own but we can not wait to host the next drive through party locally! Drive Through Kids Party Idea

Recruiting Now: Passionate, Creative & Dramatic Party Hosts

Are you a drama student with a passion for entertaining kids or simply someone who is outgoing who is available to work weekends and want an additional income. Do you have a knack for being well organised, loud, good at time management and enjoy being the centre of attention! Team CTP 2014 CTP Party are on the lookout for Party Hosts (Male & Female within their Bristol & Hampshire areas.) Working on a self employed basis mainly on weekends and with hours to suit you (so you’ll still have time for your own projects or uni work.) The original Hampshire Children's Party Entertainment business which was founded 20 years ago, CTP Party entertains at Parties, Events, Weddings & Festivals aimed at Children aged 3 - 8 years old. So if you love working with children or have a passion for dressing up, singing, dancing or all of the above then read on.... Starting as soon as possible, you’ll: Be strong, well organised and punctual. Travel (with you own car - you must have a full drivers license) and host children's parties on your own or as part of a team mainly on weekends in your local area or further afield. Oversee, manage and do everything at the party to ensure the kids and parents have a great time including run party games, talk to the party as a group and understand/research the relevant themes. Enjoy a competitive hourly wage (starting at £30 for the first hour) for when you want to work and the opportunity to work with a family run company and an inspiring team. Enjoy the freedom of working when you want to with dates which you submit to us (ideal for students!) We’ve already trained and had in our team over the past 20 years a number of CBeebies presenters, lead actors from the West End and Radio Presenters so we are looking for outgoing people interested in these sorts of fields. Email: [email protected] by April 10th 2015 with why you think you would be an amazing Party Host with where you are based and which HQ you are closest to (Bristol or Hampshire) Please also attach your CV and a recent photo/headshot of yourself. We are a social bunch so please find us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook too!

CTP Party Visits Active Monkeys Soft Play Centre in Fleet

559368_1378566909045447_600347005_n There are lots of venues in Fleet to host a kids party however none so amazing as Active Monkeys on Church Road where you can let your children run wild in the 4 tier soft play frame which runs across 2 floors and WITH slides...we had never seen anything like it! Well we went down to see what all the fuss was about on Monday and we were amazed to see a very ACTIVE full to the brim play centre! Not only did Mehmet (Mr Active Monkeys) treat us to a lovely coffee, he also took us on a tour of the whole place including the Party Room which is located on the top floor. The party room is a good sized - perfect for parties with 10 - 35 kids. It has a VERY loud music system, flashing lights and a bubble machine in it - perfect for the little disco divas in Fleet! We can not wait to make an appearance at Active Monkeys this year and hope to see some of you there. Check out Active Monkey's Party Packages for more information. Watch this space for our CTP Party Superheroes & Frozen Characters appearances at Active Monkeys this coming year!

Hope For Harmonie – Foxhill Saturday 1st November The Big Event

CTP Party Bristol are supporting a local family on Saturday 1st November from 12pm - 4pm. There will be a raffle, stalls, nail art and hair braiding as well as cakes a jumble sale. Our very own Frozen Anna will be making an appearance and will be free to pose for photos with your children and have a meet & greet with them at the event. The event is for a very special little girl Harmonie, who is fighting a very severe case of meningococcal septicaemia. Her team of family and friends would like to Help raise some money to enable Harmonie and her family to provide her with anything that she may need in the future. In aid of this they have organised a fund raising event to take place at St Andrews Church, Foxhill on Saturday the 1st November. Please come along for tea and cake, don't forget your pennies as there will be a raffle with lots of goodies up for grabs 🙂
All monies made on the day will be put into a bank account set up in Harmonies name.

Hope to see you all there!!!

For more information - please go to the Facebook Page here or the official Website.

Henley Mums – CTP Party FREE Halloween Party in Shiplake Memorial Hall Tuesday 28th October 2014

Henley Mums we are coming to your area this October for a Spooky & Spellbinding FREE Halloween Party. If you have children aged 3 - 8 years old and have are looking for things to do during the Half Term Week then please join us at our Halloween Party at the Shiplake Memorial Hall, Shiplake on Tuesday 28th October from 11am for a party. Spaces are limited so please rsvp to [email protected] or give us a call on 01252 682500 for more information. The party is free to attend however we do ask for a small donation for our charity PAPYRUS on the day. We look forward to seeing some of you there. CTP Party Halloween Party RG