Nursery & School Leavers Kids Parties

Soon enough all those little ones you’ve watched grow up,  will be finished with nursery! All grown up and ready for a Summer off in preparation for school time! Big step for little humans that’s for sure.
Nurseries and pre-schools have started taking this step seriously, and so they should! We’ve noticed nurseries and pre-schools are celebrating their journey with a graduation party! Now these can be themed as anything, from Hawaiian Summer party with Pocahontas or Moana, Under the Sea party with Ariel or Misty the Mermaid, Unicorns and Glitter party with Fluttershy or Rainbow Dash! I mean, usually its an excuse party for the parents, involving a summer BBQ and maybe a few Vinos in the sunshine – whats not to love.
But don’t forget, it's about the kids! We are reaching out to all establishments who are looking to say a big thank you to the parents and children who have been with you for the passed few years. Let us throw you a great party in the safety of your garden, or biggest room, with bubbles, glitter, games, sweets and prizes! Sift through our themes and see which is going to suit the class of 2017!