Party Tips for Parties being held outdoors – Festival & Sports Day Parties.

Let's get the kids outdoors!

With the weather in the UK starting to improve...we thought it was only right to talk a bit about hosting parties outside. We can't lie, our favourite parties over the past 23 years have all generally been outdoors. We love the kids faces when they can run around on grass and we enjoy the fresh air! Saying this...there are some obvious risks in hosting your party outdoors and we are going to talk about them later but for now, what are the best things about hosting a party outdoors and what do you need to think about?     Well, our festival parties, sports day parties and family themed games are all best hosted outdoors or in garden spaces. The reason being is some of the games can only be set up on grass (the hurdles) and being outdoors normally means we can play some of the more fun (wetter) games!   What we recommend you need for a great outdoors garden party: 
  • A large (medium sized) space which is safe and secure with either fencing or in your back garden. This limits children running off and getting lost.
  • Some form of cover (just in case the heaven's open...) or sometimes to shade your little ones from the sun if it gets too hot!
  • Some form of power - we don't need it for our music machines as they are remote but if you want bubbles/lights/hot drinks for parents then you will need some form of power. Of course, if we are in your back can just make the parents tea and coffee inside.
  • Some drinks on the side (for the children.) When the kids run about outside, they generally get more thirsty and we find need a quick drink every hour or so.
  • Some sunscreen - just incase children don't realise they are outdoors and haven't applied any before coming to the party
  • A rug/towel - when the kids needs to come indoors, this is a good idea to ensure their shoes aren't dirty/muddy & leave footprints to your toilet
  • If hosting the party in your garden, remove any large trampolines and/or climbing frames. These are great for a couple kids but when you have 30 children descend on your garden, your trampoline will reach maximum capacity very quickly and you will find that a child or 2 will get upset or worse yet hurt so if you can't hide it/move it then have another parent or family friend on guard to ensure kids can't jump up on it.
  What are the best party packages for outdoors: Well, to be honest most of our parties can be run outdoors. We have some amazing photos of Princess, Fairy, Pirate & Superhero parties being hosted outdoors however our favourites are the Festival & Family Games parties. These parties have lots of fun equipment to keep the kids occupied including Egg & Spoon races, Hula Hoops & the kids favourite The WATER BUCKET relay race! All these games include running, movement & enthusiasm and kids love them. So what do you need to look out for when hosting a party outside:
  • Well, the obvious risks of planning a party outdoors is that the weather doesn't play ball and it rains all the best thing to do is have a back up plan. If we can't be outside for the party...where is option B (think a local hall, a lounge etc.)
  • If the outdoor space is not your own may not be insured to have a party there and worse yet, the council or land over may stop your party 1/2 way through so make sure you have asked permission and looked at relevant insurance covers if you need one.
  • It may get "TOO HOT." Believe it or not, every year there are a couple weekends whereby the weather is so hot that it is actually dangerous to have the kids in the garden without any shade so make sure if you are planning an outdoor event that you have relevant shade spots in the garden and please prepare well with drinks on the side and sunscreen.
  • There can be lots of distractions in the garden. Try and ensure that dangerous items are hidden or removed from the garden. For example, try not to leave a garden tools in the middle of the garden or the lawn mower as these could be mistaken for toys by the kids.
  •   So what's left to do? Well, pick a date and invite your kids friends over and then get a CTP Party Host to do the rest! We will bring the party to you and we bring all the music, equipment, games, activities, prizes for all the kids a special gift for the birthday child. We can host parties across the South of the UK and recommend a maximum of 30 kids for 1 entertainer. If you happen to go over problem we will book another entertainer onto your party! Anyway....let's all continue doing the "weather dance" and let's get some more sunny weekends booked in!