🌳🌰 Acorn Art – Week 12 of ‘Wild Wednesday with Wilderness Willow!’ 🌿

Welcome Explorers to week 12 of Wild Wednesday with Wilderness Willow!

This week, join Willow as she creates some artwork using acorns! Acorns are the nut from the oak tree and the are a key sign that Autumn is coming. At this time of year the acorns start to mature and fall from the trees 🌳🌰

Willow collects the fallen acorns (and their cups) and using them to create some wild art! 🦉🐑

We hope you enjoy this wild activity and would love to see any acorn art your little one makes by sending us a picture to [email protected] or tagging us in your posts using #ctpparty

This is the last of our Wild Wednesday summer series, but we look forward to seeing you soon for some more wild adventures and activities with Wilderness Willow!