🖼️ 🍃Leaf Silhouette Art – Week 8 of ‘Wild Wednesday with Wilderness Willow!’ 🌿

Welcome Explorers to week 8 of Wild Wednesday with Wilderness Willow!

This week join Willow as she creates a picture using the silhouettes of different leaves from her garden! It was really fun to explore all of the different shapes and sizes!

Willow also shows you another update on how her sunflower seeds have grown six weeks after being planted! Check out Week 3 of Wild Wednesday if you want to see how these seeds were planted!

We hope you enjoy another wild activity and would love to see any pictures your little explorers make – so please send them to us at [email protected] or use #ctpparty in your posts.

Join us next week for more wild adventures and activities with Wilderness Willow!