Monthly Archives: November 2016

In a world full of Princesses…dare to be Batman!

Mallory, our Bristol Manager loves hosting parties…she loves it so much that she ends up doing a lot of the parties…even the boys parties and she has been delighted over the past few months at the amount of girls having Superhero or Jedi Parties…Gone are the years of girls having a Princess party and boys… Read more »

Jedi Academy…still one of the best parties around!

What is a Jedi Academy we hear you say? Well…it is a 2 Hour Event party which involves the kids training to become Jedi’s and in turn learning to handle a Training Light Sabre Balloon (provided by us), battling the Meteor Shower Piñata (provided by us) and challenging each other to team games where Stormtroopers… Read more »

Some news from our SL Team

Hello! I’m Yasmin and I’ve always loved performing. I have studied dancing, singing and acting since a young age. Before my CTP journey began, I worked in HR, admin and events.  Did I ever imagine I’d find my calling as a Children’s Entertainer? No, but I could not be happier that I did! I have worked all over for… Read more »