Halloween Parties & How they are becoming so popular for 2016

Halloween Parties 

We confess we despair when we hear clients say that they don’t like Halloween and find the whole season a bit of a joke! Kids that have birthdays over the Halloween weekend are often labelled by others as “Halloween Babies” or “unlucky to have birthdays around that period.” Here at CTP we massively disagree. We only wish we could be Halloween Babies as it would give us an excuse to have a Halloween Themed Party EVERY YEAR!
Why is Halloween a great theme for kids? Well it’s mainly because it is different to the norm. There is nothing wrong with a Jedi Party or Princess, Superhero Party but we believe Halloween gives kids and parents a chance to express themselves in a different way with their dress up, make-up, hair and nails etc. We have had boys come as Witches to our Halloween Parties, girls come as Giants or Monsters and babies even dressed up as Pumpkins! Our team LOVE dressing up as something that isn’t a Princess or Superhero and also our team enjoy playing a character that isn’t seen as being perfect…maybe a little closer to who they really are!!

The CTP Party owner’s favourite character is a Witch and she will often be at all the Halloween Parties and Events playing the Witch or Black Cat. It is by far her favourite theme and she just wished she got to do it more!
Sophie recently spoke about their Halloween Themed Parties “The Kids just love the parties and honestly I find the whole theme just loads of fun. From the games we play; the mummy wrap, spell building and the ugly fugly feely box to the costumes and music…I just love Halloween Parties and wish more people booked them…they are SO MUCH fun!”

How can you get more involved in Halloween this year?

If you haven’t already been invited to a Halloween Party this year then why not host one yourself at your house or a local hall or get in touch with some of your children’s friends parents and ask them if they want to co-host one with you! We can host a Halloween Party for up to 30 kids with 1 entertainer and the theme is suitable for 4 – 10 year olds.
If you don’t fancy hosting one yourself…then do not worry we have you covered!

Our Bristol & Berkshire Offices are going to be hosting FREE Halloween Parties on Monday 24th October (Bristol) and Tuesday 25th October (Berkshire) If you are a past client, you just need to ask to get a free invite for your child. If you would like to be invited please contact us on [email protected] to get your child’s name on the guest list! The parties are free to come to but we do take photos and videos on the day so by attending you are granting permission for your child and you to be filmed or photographed by CTP Party. Spaces are limited due to the locations and amount of entertainers we have on site so please ensure you book in early!