Joint Birthday Parties…why they’re a great idea!

We now host over 30% of our parties for Joint Families who have decided to spread the cost of their child’s party with a friend. Ideal for mixed themed parties and for kids who are inseparable! Read all bout our reasons for why we think Joint Birthday Parties for kids make complete sense on our CTP Exposure Page!

Theme your party for everyone to enjoy, so instead of having just a fabulous Princess party, make it a Princess and Superhero or Knight party, or an Under the Sea party – so the kids can come as a variety of things, Mermaids, Pirates, Jellyfish or if they want a Parrot! Our new Survival Parties are a great new theme for boys and girls and ideal for more than one birthday child as well as a Sports Day Party or Olympic Themed Party! Birthday Party Themes can be adapted to suit just about anything so if your children want a Princess / Zombie party…there is no reason why they shouldn’t get one (this is actually a party theme we hosted recently!!)

Also when you split the cost, you are probably more willing to add a few extras into the party, to make it just that little bit more special. Or, grab some of the mums some Prosecco so you can enjoy the party with them too…! Organising parties can be more stressful than you’re hoping for, so get on board with another mum, and starting enjoying the planning process rather than dreading it this year!