Keeping the kids cool at a Summer Kids Birthday Party

Unless you have been somewhere abroad over the past month or so you will know we are having one of the hottest summers the UK has experienced in decades. We are constantly getting asked advice on how to keep the kids cool if the party is going to be held and hosted outside so we thought we would let you all know....So, if you’re having a summer party this year you’ll need to adapt the activities to keep the kids cool....we literally can't believe we are writing this. Normally we are writing about how to have a back up plan if you are thinking of hosting an outdoor party just in case in rains! Most importantly if you’re taking advantage of the weather make sure the kids are in the shade and give them lots of drinks - in fact having a drink between each activity could become part of the game. Suggest you label cups so kids go back to their own each time. Have a good supply of sunscreen available to apply if kids do get in the sun and whilst it’s likely kids have their own, rummage through your cupboards to find summer hats and caps for kids who don’t bring one. Whether indoors or out, don’t have too many lively games and alternate with a quiet activity - you’d be surprised how many kids love to do guessing games or games where they have to put their thinking hat on. Include some games like "the water bucket relay" where you can soak the winning & losing team with water after to keep them cool! Make the food simple, and if you’re serving sandwiches and jelly keep them in the cool till the kids are ready to eat -and of course ice cream and lollies will go down a blast! Lastly, if you are joining us at one of the Family Festivals we head to over the summer, don't forget the kids will need down time too! Finally don’t forget yourself. Keep hydrated and stay in the shade - and spare a thought for your entertainer dressed in a hot costume. They will appreciate being based in the shade! We hope you have a really cool party this summer.