Kids Parties on a budget

When planning your children’s birthday party, we understand budget is a big concern. Understandably parents often get lots of different quotes from different entertainers when it comes to booking someone like ourselves! Really, we guess it’s the same as anything we need to pay for in life, you want to find the best price for a good quality product or service.

    The CTP Party team regularly do a market check on our party packages and prices and what our competitors offer to see how we can better ourselves and give our customers the best service we can for the best price we can offer it at. We aim to bring everything we need to host a party, so we don’t have to hassle you for anything and there are NO surprise costs at the end of your party! We also aim to provide fantastic entertainment – as after all, if the kids have had a great time, our job is done!

      One thing we can show our potential clients is a list of over 100 5star reviews on Facebook (which are ALL real and from past and current clients of ours) we also have a 5* Rating on Google & See, for us, we don’t really spend money on marketing…as we know our clients will talk about us if we do a great job at their party and even better, our very important little VIPs who get entertained will talk about us after a party and that is how we get a lot of our clients….by recommendation.

        However,  if there is something extra that someone else is offering you, please let us know! We may well be able to do it too… but please don’t settle for the cheapest option, because quality of entertainment is far better and watching your children smile during their birthday party is a memory that will last forever. We often get parents ring us up last minute who have been let down by alternative companies, who haven’t taken deposits but were at least 50% cheaper than the rest of the competition…in the nicest way, there is a reason. They will let you down!

            So next time you are booking a party, look at reviews on google, and netmums, read the FB reviews and posts that people write about a company…and if they don’t have any ask WHY NOT and if they don’t share their reviews….there is normally a reason (they have bad ones!)

              It is like anything in life, you get what you pay for and we believe at CTP Party you get a well priced party package, with an entertainer who will not let you down and be the best possible entertainment for your little VIPs birthday! We haven’t lasted this long (23 years) by being average….! People recommend us, kids talk about us after parties and we get lovely clients reviewing us! Thanks for your support over the past 23 years and we look forward to all our future parties!