Army Party

ATTENTION CADETS! Do you think you’ve got what it takes to pass Sgt. Stricto’s army bootcamp? Learn what it means to be a soldier, practice your survival abilities and test your team skills to complete your basic training and receive your medal at the ‘Passing out Parade’.





Most suitable for ages 5-10, but can be tailored for all ages

Can be hosted in any location with a large open space for activities

Sergeant Stricto or one of their CTP friends

Up to 25 children.

Party Packages


From £80

1 Hour

From £130

1.5 Hours

From £170

2 Hours

From £200


From £225

What's Included:

  • All of our Animal parties (1 hour or more) include all games and equipment used within the time of the party, email invitations, your entertainers time, travel, music, pass the parcel, prizes for ALL the children, soft chewy sweets and a Birthday Gift for the Birthday Child.

    • The Army Boot Camp 2 Hour Ultimate Event Party is with our character Sgt. Stricto and includes all of the above and medals for all the children who have a passing out ceremony at the end of the party and an obstacle course.

Party Extras

Add the finishing touches to your party!

Party Themes

There is something for everyone!