September Parties & Events – Here are some top tips to think about's a new school term & the kids are heading back this week...but what about the party you forgot about!
    September is always a busy month for kids’ parties. Apart from the children who have birthdays in September, lots of parents hold parties then for kids whose birthdays fall in July and August because of holidays and starting school.
        There’re a few things to bear in mind if you’re holding a party in September:
          1) Even if you got your act together in July before the last day of school and handed out invitations, don’t expect mums to have put the date in their diary. There’s a lot going on in July - anticipation of the long summer to come, beach holidays and family days out.  Somehow September seems a long way off. If you’re holding a party in September, especially in the first couple of weeks, we suggest you send out a gentle reminder of the party date. There’s nothing worse than hardly any friends turning up at your kid’s party which you and he have been planning for months.
            2) Another thing to consider when inviting kids to come to your September party is who to invite, especially if this is your child’s first term at a new school. Do you invite the whole class or just the few friends he already knows at the school and a few kids in the street? If yours is one of the first parties of the school year you may well set a precedent so if you don’t invite the class don’t be surprised if your child doesn’t get invited to all the parties in the year.
                3) There may be a big age gap between the children. Some children may have had their 5th birthday in August whilst some will only turn 5 in September so there’ll be almost a years gap between then. The younger the kids the more you’ll notice the age difference.
                  4)You may find some mums want to stay at the party if this is the first party of the academic year. They may want to stay to reassure their child or ... they may want to get to know other mums. Kids’ parties are a great way for mums to make friends and for you to make some great friends, so get ready to offer a few cuppas to keep the mummies happy too!
                    We wish all the parents/carers and guardians who are planning and/or hosting a kids birthday party this month the best of luck! We salute you and if you do need any help in planning your event please get in touch!

Woodland Explorer Party

Our Bristol manager, Mallory recently got asked by a client to host a woodland animal themed party....think Fairies, ladybirds, animals and woodland....exactly, most kids' dream! Well, Mallory & the Bristol team put a plan into action and came up with a GREAT programme for the party, thought about the games, music, overall theme and before you knew it the big day came! The kids had a great time, the mum thanked us with some pictures of the entertainer in action. Not only do the kids look like they are having a great time but also the entertainer seems to be loving it just as much as the kids! If you are thinking of hosting a party this year for your birthday boy or birthday girl and do not know what theme you want or whether we even have a theme suitable for your child's birthday party then why not get in touch and I am sure the team can come up with something suitable. We have run parties for children from 1 year old right up to 12 and we host over 900 parties and events a year so we know a thing or 2 about parties! We can adapt our party games to suit your chosen theme (within reason...) and of course we can spread our expertise across two families if you are hoping to host a joint party with 2 or 3 birthday children. We host parties in the Bristol, Cardiff, Bath, Wiltshire, Oxfordshire, Surrey, Hampshire and Berkshire areas. Parties are not limited to kids parties only, we regularly get asked to attend adult events and weddings to help entertain the kids while the adults have a party or dinner!  

Keeping the kids cool at a Summer Kids Birthday Party

Unless you have been somewhere abroad over the past month or so you will know we are having one of the hottest summers the UK has experienced in decades. We are constantly getting asked advice on how to keep the kids cool if the party is going to be held and hosted outside so we thought we would let you all know....So, if you’re having a summer party this year you’ll need to adapt the activities to keep the kids cool....we literally can't believe we are writing this. Normally we are writing about how to have a back up plan if you are thinking of hosting an outdoor party just in case in rains! Most importantly if you’re taking advantage of the weather make sure the kids are in the shade and give them lots of drinks - in fact having a drink between each activity could become part of the game. Suggest you label cups so kids go back to their own each time. Have a good supply of sunscreen available to apply if kids do get in the sun and whilst it’s likely kids have their own, rummage through your cupboards to find summer hats and caps for kids who don’t bring one. Whether indoors or out, don’t have too many lively games and alternate with a quiet activity - you’d be surprised how many kids love to do guessing games or games where they have to put their thinking hat on. Include some games like "the water bucket relay" where you can soak the winning & losing team with water after to keep them cool! Make the food simple, and if you’re serving sandwiches and jelly keep them in the cool till the kids are ready to eat -and of course ice cream and lollies will go down a blast! Lastly, if you are joining us at one of the Family Festivals we head to over the summer, don't forget the kids will need down time too! Finally don’t forget yourself. Keep hydrated and stay in the shade - and spare a thought for your entertainer dressed in a hot costume. They will appreciate being based in the shade! We hope you have a really cool party this summer.

FREE BRISTOL KIDS EVENT – Animal Explorer Party – Tuesday 24th July 2018

We love to show people what we can do for them at their next party so why not come along to our next FREE kids party!
      WHAT IS IT: Free kids party, you can come dressed up as anything you like however it will be an Animal Explorer themed party!
        WHEN: Next Tuesday, 24th July 2018
          WHERE: Scout Hut 6388, St Bartholomews Road, Ashley Down, Bristol, BS7 9BJ
            TIMES: Please arrive promptly for 11am, we will be finished by 12:30pm
              WHAT TO EXPECT: We will be playing a mixture of traditional and unique party games, lots of running around and dancing, every child will get a prize, sticker and certificate at the end!
                WHY: Because we want to show you what CTP can do, and thank those who have used us in the passed. We will be taking photos during this event, if you do not wish for your child to be photographed then please make an entertainer aware on your arrival, and ensure they are removed from any group photos that might be taken at the end of the party.
                    Please Note: This event will be guest list only, so please do ensure you have emailed ([email protected]) to be on it, it is first come first served and if you cannot make it for whatever reason please can we ask for you to let us know so we can give your space to someone else!
                      We will be filming and taking photos at the party, so please be aware of this as you or your child's photograph may be taken and it may be used on our website/social media platforms in the future.

Kids Parties on a budget

When planning your children's birthday party, we understand budget is a big concern. Understandably parents often get lots of different quotes from different entertainers when it comes to booking someone like ourselves! Really, we guess it's the same as anything we need to pay for in life, you want to find the best price for a good quality product or service.
    The CTP Party team regularly do a market check on our party packages and prices and what our competitors offer to see how we can better ourselves and give our customers the best service we can for the best price we can offer it at. We aim to bring everything we need to host a party, so we don’t have to hassle you for anything and there are NO surprise costs at the end of your party! We also aim to provide fantastic entertainment – as after all, if the kids have had a great time, our job is done!
      One thing we can show our potential clients is a list of over 100 5star reviews on Facebook (which are ALL real and from past and current clients of ours) we also have a 5* Rating on Google & See, for us, we don't really spend money on we know our clients will talk about us if we do a great job at their party and even better, our very important little VIPs who get entertained will talk about us after a party and that is how we get a lot of our recommendation.
        However,  if there is something extra that someone else is offering you, please let us know! We may well be able to do it too… but please don’t settle for the cheapest option, because quality of entertainment is far better and watching your children smile during their birthday party is a memory that will last forever. We often get parents ring us up last minute who have been let down by alternative companies, who haven't taken deposits but were at least 50% cheaper than the rest of the the nicest way, there is a reason. They will let you down!
            So next time you are booking a party, look at reviews on google, and netmums, read the FB reviews and posts that people write about a company...and if they don't have any ask WHY NOT and if they don't share their reviews....there is normally a reason (they have bad ones!)
              It is like anything in life, you get what you pay for and we believe at CTP Party you get a well priced party package, with an entertainer who will not let you down and be the best possible entertainment for your little VIPs birthday! We haven't lasted this long (23 years) by being average....! People recommend us, kids talk about us after parties and we get lovely clients reviewing us! Thanks for your support over the past 23 years and we look forward to all our future parties!

What’s the key to your kids party success?

Welcome to the land of party….okay, so lets get straight into it.Our Bristol CTP Party Manager, Mallory has some key insider tips into how to make your next kids party a BIG Success.
    • Important things to consider when organising a kids birthday party are;
      • ONE - Venue
        • TWO - Entertainment
          • THREE - Cake
            • FOUR - Food
              • FIVE - Party bags
                • SIX - Decor
                    • annnnnnnnnd GO!…
                        • Important things to remember here, don’t hire a room that’s too big you don’t want to look like nothings going on (unless you’ve got a sports party), don’t hire anything that’s too small or full of tables – the kids need to be free to run around man! So, you need a medium sized space with room or a side room for food and drinks whenever that might be. Some of my favourite halls to entertain in are:
                          Redcatch Community Centre - easy to park, good size hall, cheap to hire, accessible from different areas! Bedminster/Totterdown/Brislington/Arnos Vale.
                          Redland Parish Church Hall – all of the above, plus they have various room sizes available too. Accessible from Clifton/St Andrews/Cotham/Henleaze/Kingsdown
                        Long Ashton Village Hall on Keedwell Hill – great size, quite big but not too big, easy parking and accessible from Bishopsworth/Ashton/Failand and Barrow Gurney
                                        • Entertainment
                                            • Book us! We can help provide a fun filled birthday party, that we can make it bespoke to the birthday child and your needs. Trust us, we know what we are doing.
                                              • There are plenty of extravagant cake makers around (you can find them on local community FaceBook sites), or even give it a go yourself, with a helping hand of the birthday child, even if it looks a little sloppy, don’t worry – everyone will know its full of love!!
                                                  • (The parents favourite bit, where you get to eat the ring biscuits you loved as a child) easiest option I’ve seen at birthday parties – PIZZZZZZZA! Order it in, or cook it up yourself. Use the cake as desert….
                    Party bags
                                                      • Sweet cones, you can order them online, they’re cheap and can be themed! Or head on down to the local pound shop and get a themed activity book that can be handed to them on their way out – something that their parents might appreciate, getting those brains working with a little fun…
                                                        • Balloons, balloons, balloons, get the colours that suit your theme, tie them up and hang them from everywhere. Cheap, easy and effective!
                                                          • One stop shop for the perfect kids party <3
                                                            • Any questions, just let me know – Mallory, CTP Party Bristol circa 2014

Wonderful Children’s entertainment at weddings

Wedding Entertainment for kids!
    CTP Party love a wedding and we host kids wedding entertainment quite often, especially in the summer months. So there has been a very special wedding here in the UK this past week and unless you have been hiding under a rock and not like the rest of us who were glued to our TV screens on the weekend you will have somehow missed that a normal girl just became a Princess and married into the Royal Family.
        With all the attention on the groom and his bride most of the day, we did catch a bit of air time with the children who took part in the ceremony and wedding party. The little ones looked so cute and behaved so well on the day, which is no easy task especially with all the noise, press and attention of the crowds. But our question is what happened to the children after the ceremony with the kids, once the photos were finished and everyone went to the wedding reception?
            This is an age old question for couples looking to arrange their wedding day. Do we invite children and what do we do with them on the day? Will they behave? Will they cause havoc? How do we occupy them so their parents can relax and enjoy some adult company…? Well CTP Party have been invited to do just that in a number of different ways at some of our clients’ weddings.
                  In the past, we have arranged wedding packs for children aged 3 – 8 years with toys, activities and things to keep little ones occupied for the wedding breakfast. We have sent along “Nanny like” party hosts who take the kids on a magical adventure away from the parents and we have also sent along characters such as Princesses, Fairies, Pirates and even Superheroes to some weddings to keep the little ones entertained.
                    We find the best way is to plan your entertainers party session while the wedding breakfast is taking place. This way you get about 1 hour – 2hours of “adult time” with the kids all fully engaged with the entertainer. You have to bear in mind that you may need somewhere separate for the kids and the entertainer to be/play. So we can play activities, music and games without interrupting the speeches.
                          A party host can come to your chosen venue at your specific time and we can tailor the activities to suit the space/the children attending your wedding. In the past we have attended weddings as a Fairy (the only other person allowed to wear white at the wedding bar the bride) and as a Superhero (who took the kids to their spots at the table) whether it is an appearance you want or a full on 2 Hour party session for the kids, we can help make your special day…just as special for your little guests so there is no need to leave them at home!

Party Tips for Parties being held outdoors – Festival & Sports Day Parties.

Let's get the kids outdoors!

With the weather in the UK starting to improve...we thought it was only right to talk a bit about hosting parties outside. We can't lie, our favourite parties over the past 23 years have all generally been outdoors. We love the kids faces when they can run around on grass and we enjoy the fresh air! Saying this...there are some obvious risks in hosting your party outdoors and we are going to talk about them later but for now, what are the best things about hosting a party outdoors and what do you need to think about?     Well, our festival parties, sports day parties and family themed games are all best hosted outdoors or in garden spaces. The reason being is some of the games can only be set up on grass (the hurdles) and being outdoors normally means we can play some of the more fun (wetter) games!   What we recommend you need for a great outdoors garden party: 
  • A large (medium sized) space which is safe and secure with either fencing or in your back garden. This limits children running off and getting lost.
  • Some form of cover (just in case the heaven's open...) or sometimes to shade your little ones from the sun if it gets too hot!
  • Some form of power - we don't need it for our music machines as they are remote but if you want bubbles/lights/hot drinks for parents then you will need some form of power. Of course, if we are in your back can just make the parents tea and coffee inside.
  • Some drinks on the side (for the children.) When the kids run about outside, they generally get more thirsty and we find need a quick drink every hour or so.
  • Some sunscreen - just incase children don't realise they are outdoors and haven't applied any before coming to the party
  • A rug/towel - when the kids needs to come indoors, this is a good idea to ensure their shoes aren't dirty/muddy & leave footprints to your toilet
  • If hosting the party in your garden, remove any large trampolines and/or climbing frames. These are great for a couple kids but when you have 30 children descend on your garden, your trampoline will reach maximum capacity very quickly and you will find that a child or 2 will get upset or worse yet hurt so if you can't hide it/move it then have another parent or family friend on guard to ensure kids can't jump up on it.
  What are the best party packages for outdoors: Well, to be honest most of our parties can be run outdoors. We have some amazing photos of Princess, Fairy, Pirate & Superhero parties being hosted outdoors however our favourites are the Festival & Family Games parties. These parties have lots of fun equipment to keep the kids occupied including Egg & Spoon races, Hula Hoops & the kids favourite The WATER BUCKET relay race! All these games include running, movement & enthusiasm and kids love them. So what do you need to look out for when hosting a party outside:
  • Well, the obvious risks of planning a party outdoors is that the weather doesn't play ball and it rains all the best thing to do is have a back up plan. If we can't be outside for the party...where is option B (think a local hall, a lounge etc.)
  • If the outdoor space is not your own may not be insured to have a party there and worse yet, the council or land over may stop your party 1/2 way through so make sure you have asked permission and looked at relevant insurance covers if you need one.
  • It may get "TOO HOT." Believe it or not, every year there are a couple weekends whereby the weather is so hot that it is actually dangerous to have the kids in the garden without any shade so make sure if you are planning an outdoor event that you have relevant shade spots in the garden and please prepare well with drinks on the side and sunscreen.
  • There can be lots of distractions in the garden. Try and ensure that dangerous items are hidden or removed from the garden. For example, try not to leave a garden tools in the middle of the garden or the lawn mower as these could be mistaken for toys by the kids.
  •   So what's left to do? Well, pick a date and invite your kids friends over and then get a CTP Party Host to do the rest! We will bring the party to you and we bring all the music, equipment, games, activities, prizes for all the kids a special gift for the birthday child. We can host parties across the South of the UK and recommend a maximum of 30 kids for 1 entertainer. If you happen to go over problem we will book another entertainer onto your party! Anyway....let's all continue doing the "weather dance" and let's get some more sunny weekends booked in!

    Easy Ways to personalise your kids birthday party with extras & other party tips from CTP Party

    Like most people, we here at CTP Party are bonkers over Etsy and independent party boutiques when it comes to little parties or big parties for children. Every week we receive new requests; either a new idea, theme or vision that a client has asked us to research for their child's up and coming birthday party. This can be the wild and feisty...or the subtle and amusing. We literally get asked about all sorts of different things when it comes to kids birthday parties or special events. So we have made a list of our favourites below and  I’ve also thrown in a few other bits that I couldn’t help but drool over here in the party workshop. These colourful sweetie bags are available from Sweetmafia. I found them on Pinterest. They are a great idea and really colourful and eye catching. Just be aware, there may be kids at the party who can't eat sweets due to allergies or are veggie so just take that into indication.   This piñata is so lovely! Idea for the very fashionable Unicorn parties which we seem to be hosting every weekend at the moment. A Piñata can be a great game to get all the kids working together. We include one with our Jedi Academy party where the children have to use their "Jedi mind tricks" to overcome the meteor shower piñata and pull on long strings to open it rather than hit the piñata.   We love these personalised lovehearts. As a big fan of sweets, why not have them made with a personal message.   One extra we absolutely love making up are the personal and made to order party bags (take home bags) which we offer in a variety of different materials (satin/silk and/or hessian sack) and we have loads of colours to choose from to match your Superhero, Jedi, Princess or even Mermaid theme! We pop 5 - 6 items in each one and we try and theme them as much as possible. The above are from a Fairy party we hosted last month.    

    National Unicorn Day 9th April 2018

    CTP Party are raring to go after the Easter Holidays and we are delighted to start the week with National Unicorn Day! As most of our clients are aware, we love to host parties as a Unicorn and we are finding it is one of the most popular themes for 2018! So...why do we think the Unicorn Trend is so fabulous and here to stay? Well...mainly because people love bright colours which make them feel good and the unicorn trend is all about bright pastels and bright visuals.   Our team of young and dynamic entertainers say they love wearing a colour which makes them stand out at parties and the reaction they get from children when they walk in the door is amazing. The kids love their bright clothes, their glitter, their hair! They literally cannot get enough of the bright and attractive costume. So...who loves unicorns? Well, to be honest it seems to be everyone. We have booked Unicorn parties for 7 year olds girls, 5 year old little boys and even an 11 year old girls. Both boys and girls love the theme and seem to think it is great. Our unicorn keep the whole party upbeat and sometimes our clients get really into the theme with their decor and food.   Due to most popular supermarkets supporting the theme too, it's so easy to pick up reasonably priced party decor and unicorn table wear. Pinterest has loads of ideas for Unicorn flavoured food and Unicorn party food ideas and we can top of your party with our purple satin and net pouches for each child to take home as a Unicorn Party Bag.     To find out more about a Unicorn themed party near you or how you can book your own then please get in touch or go onto our Unicorn Themed Page.