September Parties & Events – Here are some top tips to think about's a new school term & the kids are heading back this week...but what about the party you forgot about!
    September is always a busy month for kids’ parties. Apart from the children who have birthdays in September, lots of parents hold parties then for kids whose birthdays fall in July and August because of holidays and starting school.
        There’re a few things to bear in mind if you’re holding a party in September:
          1) Even if you got your act together in July before the last day of school and handed out invitations, don’t expect mums to have put the date in their diary. There’s a lot going on in July - anticipation of the long summer to come, beach holidays and family days out.  Somehow September seems a long way off. If you’re holding a party in September, especially in the first couple of weeks, we suggest you send out a gentle reminder of the party date. There’s nothing worse than hardly any friends turning up at your kid’s party which you and he have been planning for months.
            2) Another thing to consider when inviting kids to come to your September party is who to invite, especially if this is your child’s first term at a new school. Do you invite the whole class or just the few friends he already knows at the school and a few kids in the street? If yours is one of the first parties of the school year you may well set a precedent so if you don’t invite the class don’t be surprised if your child doesn’t get invited to all the parties in the year.
                3) There may be a big age gap between the children. Some children may have had their 5th birthday in August whilst some will only turn 5 in September so there’ll be almost a years gap between then. The younger the kids the more you’ll notice the age difference.
                  4)You may find some mums want to stay at the party if this is the first party of the academic year. They may want to stay to reassure their child or ... they may want to get to know other mums. Kids’ parties are a great way for mums to make friends and for you to make some great friends, so get ready to offer a few cuppas to keep the mummies happy too!
                    We wish all the parents/carers and guardians who are planning and/or hosting a kids birthday party this month the best of luck! We salute you and if you do need any help in planning your event please get in touch!