Talk Like A Pirate Day – 19th September 2016

Yes believe us…this might just be the weirdest National Day out there but we just love it!! Today (19th September) is National Talk Like A Pirate Day and we have spent the whole day in CTP Party HQ doing exactly that…talking and occasionally walking like a Pirate! This all came about back in 1995 (so the day is as old as CTP Party!) when a game of racquetball resulted in someone reacting to pain with an outburst of “aaaaarrrr!” which if you have ever met our Pirate Pat or Pirate Pete means…ouch!

So here we are thinking about how amazing it would be to talk, dress and act like a Pirate every day! We know some children who we have met recently at parties who would LOVE to be just like a Pirate and have had countless Pirate parties again and again year after year!

If your child is into Pirates in a big way then why not host a Pirate (and Fairy or Mermaid) party this year and get one of our friendly Pirates round to host the party! We take the kids on a wild journey searching for lost treasure, across the ocean on an old pirates ship! The kids win loads of prizes, stickers and sweets and the birthday child even gets a special birthday gift from us!

Here are some photos which clients have sent us in from over the years of their little pirates with our party pirate entertainer!