Woodland Explorer Party

Our Bristol manager, Mallory recently got asked by a client to host a woodland animal themed party....think Fairies, ladybirds, animals and woodland....exactly, most kids' dream! Well, Mallory & the Bristol team put a plan into action and came up with a GREAT programme for the party, thought about the games, music, overall theme and before you knew it the big day came! The kids had a great time, the mum thanked us with some pictures of the entertainer in action. Not only do the kids look like they are having a great time but also the entertainer seems to be loving it just as much as the kids! If you are thinking of hosting a party this year for your birthday boy or birthday girl and do not know what theme you want or whether we even have a theme suitable for your child's birthday party then why not get in touch and I am sure the team can come up with something suitable. We have run parties for children from 1 year old right up to 12 and we host over 900 parties and events a year so we know a thing or 2 about parties! We can adapt our party games to suit your chosen theme (within reason...) and of course we can spread our expertise across two families if you are hoping to host a joint party with 2 or 3 birthday children. We host parties in the Bristol, Cardiff, Bath, Wiltshire, Oxfordshire, Surrey, Hampshire and Berkshire areas. Parties are not limited to kids parties only, we regularly get asked to attend adult events and weddings to help entertain the kids while the adults have a party or dinner!